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Bushboard Alloy. A new alternative to ceramic tiles or glass splashbacks.
Alloy Splashbacks are an exciting range by Bushboard that will complement any kitchen. Available In 30 different designs and colourways which can be used in lots of different combinations and design layouts, and 4 standard sizes, there will be one that is perfect for you. See the range of Alloy here and in a Slider at the bottom of this page.

Alloy Splashbacks come with a Lifetime Guarantee, and can be used for wall lining or as a fantastic kitchen splashback as an alternative to expensive glass. Download a Bushboard Alloy brochure.
Alloy are made from 4mm thick fire-resistant aluminium composite substrate panels which offer excellent rigidity but are also lightweight, making them easy to work with, and are ideal for placing behind any hobs (fire-safe), and behind any sink (waterproof). They have been tested to Euroclass SBI EN1350-1. Please refer to your appliance manufacturer guideline with reference to the distance you should maintain between your hob and the splashback.

Alloy splashbacks are heat, steam and fire resistant making them certified to be placed in the Hot Zone. This allows you to fill the full wall behind your hob right up to extractor height without breaking your design with glass or stainless steel panels behind the hob. With them being hardwearing, placing behind a hob or sink will not compromise their look, feel or material integrity.

Alloy is very durable and designed to be scratch-resistant to EN 438-2-25 and abrasive resistant to EN 438-2-10, but as with everything, it’s recommended that you treat your Alloy splashback with care. Clean Alloy splashbacks with a mild household cleaner and a soft, microfibre cloth. Do NOT clean your splashback with any abrasive material.

They can be cut on site and installation is easy using Complete adhesive. Trims are optional and available if you require them to finish off (depending on your lay-out). See Alloy Installation Guide.

Sizes available:
Alloy splashbacks are available in 4 sizes:
Standard Hob panel: 600x800mm for use behind 60cm wide appliances. This is ideal for protection against splashes, and for a focused area of design or colour.

Wide Hob panel: 900x800mm for use behind 90cm wide appliances. Again, this is perfect for a focused area of colour or pattern.

High Rise splashback: 3000x750mm which allows you to fill the wall behind your hob with a continuous design right up to the cooker hood, with no joins.

Mid Rise splashback: 3000x600mm which are perfect behind sinks or for filling the space behind a hob between worktops and wall cabinets..

You can order a sample from Bushboard or visit our showroom in Bulkington to see them on display.

How To Clean
Alloy Splashbacks are easy to clean. Just wipe them down daily with a moist cloth and a favourite mild detergent. For more stubborn stains, leave the detergent to soak on the surface for a little while and then rinse thoroughly and wipe off with a clean, dry cloth. It’s important that you don’t clean your splashback with any abrasive material.

What is the minimum distance to put between the Alloy panel and the hob?
Always refer to your appliance manufacturer guidelines for minimum distance between the hob and your Alloy splashback.

How should Alloy splashbacks be stored before installation?
Alloy splashbacks must be stored in a horizontal, flat, level and enclosed environment. You can store your splashback in its packaging in temperatures between 10°c and 40°c. However, before installation your splashback should be stored for 24 hours at normal room temperature (18°c - 25°c, relative humidity 50-65%).

Can Alloy splashbacks be fitted over existing tiles?
Yes. You must ensure the surface is dry, clean, flat and stable before installation. Clean thoroughly and key or scarify the surface first to ensure your adhesive takes hold.

Can Alloy be used for horizontal application?
No. Alloy splashbacks are not suitable for horizontal application.

Where can I find an installer to install my Alloy splashback?
It is possible to cut and fit Alloy yourself, but if you would prefer a tradesman to install your splashback, it could be fitted by your kitchen fitter, or someone who is used to cutting out around sockets. If your installation requires work around electrical sockets, the electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

How to align patterns when installing Alloy?
With the exception of Tile patterns, Alloy decors are not designed to align across joints. The impact will vary based on the décor, on some it may be more evident than others. Some onsite scribing may be required to ensure panels completely align.

What is the expansion gap allowance on Alloy?
You must allow 1.5mm around every edge of your Alloy splashback to allow for thermal expansion.

How to cover the raw edge of an Alloy splashback?
You don’t have to cover the raw edge of an Alloy splashback, it is best to seal around every edge with silicone once it’s adhered to the wall. If you do want to cover the raw edge, you can fit your Alloy splashback with profiles which are available separately in Matt Silver and Anthracite.

How do I attach trim profiles and jointing plates?
Trim profiles and jointing plates come with a length of double sided tape already attached. The tape is to adhere the trim to the panel, not the panel to the wall. You can peel off one side of the tape backer and follow the simple installation instructions to put them in place.

Do I need to earth my Alloy splashback?
No. Your Alloy panel does not need to be earthed. If you are fitting your Alloy splashback around a socket, any work on the socket itself must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

What side of Alloy splashbacks do you work on for best practice?
Always place your Alloy splashback with the decorative side face down on a clean, flat surface clear of debris that could scratch or damage the surface.

Complete adhesive and sealant is designed to use when installing your Alloy Splashbacks. Complete is available as an adhesive used to adhere your splashback to the wall. As this is not seen it is a cost effective neutral colour. Complete sealant is available in a range of colour options; either choose from one to match your splashback or to match your worktop. It’s flexible, super strong and will not shrink or breakdown like silicone.


Alloy splashbacks are tough, performing exceptionally well during European Standards testing. Due to the nature of the aluminium material, they are 100% post consumer recyclable. For technical data please visit: www.bushboard.co.uk/alloy

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