Our Covid Procedures

At Kitchens InSynk Ltd, we take Covid precautions very seriously. It's in everyone's interests to protect each other first and foremost, and we do all that we can to comply with Government guidelines. As a business committed to the safety of our customers and ourselves, we will be following the Government’s current guidelines during the Covid – 19 pandemic, and we will update procedures accordingly, as and when they change.
When approached by a potential customer, we will ask whether any members of the household are isolating due to one or more family members having symptoms, or where an individual has been advised to shield. We would kindly ask that any work required is postponed until such times that the customer is confident to stop isolating and is happy to allow us within their home to undertake work. If any of our team has been showing symptoms, that member will refrain from work, and have a Covid test before determining action.

We will communicate with customers prior to any visit, to discuss how the relevant work will be carried out to minimise risk for all parties. We will discuss the working environment and our working practises with householders in advance to see if this suits our customers.

If a potential customer abides in a household where someone is clinically vulnerable, but has not been asked to shield, for example, the home of someone who is over 70, we will make prior arrangements with the customer to avoid any face-to-face contact such as when answering the door. Where possible, please protect the vulnerable person in another room away from contact with us.

We will maintain a social distance of 2 metres between us and our customers as far as possible and we will be asking our customers to please do the same. This will protect us all as much as is possible.
As we are working primarily in kitchens, we ask for customers to set up a kitchen area for their family’s use in another room (kettle, tea, sugar, mugs, etc) so we can close the door and remain separate to the customer’s household. This is general procedure anyway when a new kitchen is being installed – we are usually separate, but we will carry out extra precautions such as extra cleaning of surfaces, and routine washing of our hands.

Windows should be open as much as possible, and we will wear disposable gloves which we will be constantly changing and disposing of by taking away with us. We understand the importance of wearing masks and will do so as much as possible, especially when coming into contact with customers and delivery drivers.

We have a constant supply of hand sanitiser with us and we also carry hygienic wet wipes that kill bacteria on surfaces. We bring our own hand wash & paper towels to wash and dry our hands (each wash lasting at least 20 seconds) and we will dispose of used paper towels and gloves, by taking them home with us at the end of each working day.

We will routinely wipe tools and regularly touched objects and surfaces as we work, and we will take all precautions when working to minimise any risk of infection.
We are particularly strict about hygiene where sneezing and coughing is concerned, and should any occur, to reduce the spread of germs, noses and mouths will be covered with a tissue, not hands, and tissues will be disposed of carefully. Hands will then be washed. We politely ask the same of our customers please.

We will ask that customers please try to stay in other rooms as much as possible while we are working so we avoid exposure to each other as much as possible.
We will bring our own food, drinks and mugs, etc and where possible we will have our breaks outdoors. We will refrain from sharing objects such as customers’ pens, newspapers, books or other objects When we need to discuss things with customers, we will hold meetings outside to protect them.

We will remove all waste and belongings from the work area once the work is completed. At the end of each working day we will wipe down any door handles that we have been using.
We will ensure social distancing and hygiene measures are followed when supplies are needed to be delivered to a home, ie. kitchen cabinets and doors. We will also ask that the delivery drivers also abide by the Government’s guidelines.
Most of our payments are carried out via bank transfers so there will not be any risk of contamination by cash. Please do ask us if there is anything extra that you feel would help in this current situation we find ourselves in.
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