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A Glass Splashback adds a finishing touch to the modern kitchen today. As an alternative to traditional ceramic tiles, glass splashbacks are easy to install and give an explosion of colour just where you want it!

Made from 6mm toughened low iron glass, our glass splashbacks are available in a wide range of standard colours (see glass splashback gallery here. If you want a particular colour to match in with your decor, we can supply and install glass splashbacks colour-matched to the RAL colour chart, or from other well-known paint manufacturers like Dulux.
Glass Splashback colour-matched

Splashbacks are back-sprayed with your specified colour using 2-part resin paint, and the face is protected with a low tack film. Manufacture is carried out in a special factory and cut-outs will be done there too so there is little disruption or mess in the home. They can be made as a simple square behind a hob, or can be supplied in irregular shapes and sides (subject to accepted drawings). Cut-outs can be accommodated for extractor units and sockets.

Sizes that can be made are any with a maximum width of 3000mm (minimum width of 220mm) and a maximum height of 1450mm (minimum height of 50mm).

Easy to clean and hygienic, with no grout needed. Just a clean microfibre cloth and warm soapy water. A bonus in today's busy lifestyles.

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